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To have a proactive viewpoint; actually is the targets aimed and vision to be carried out beside thinking the  favorable and unfavorable opportunity and threats which may be constituted beforehand.  To have a risk proactive viewpoint of the occurence possibility of any event that have an effect for the corporation to carry out their targets, actually requires the favorable/unfavorable opportunity and threats to be thought beforehand  and the actions to be taken. The occurance possibility of any event/case to have an effect for the corporation to carry out their targets are called as risk.


The standarts of risk management confront us as a guideline leading for the corporation concerning this subject.  The potential risks impeding the targets being carried out with these standarts chain are required to be directed in a way based on datas and in the direction of decreasing the effect of possible harms without them  turning into the danger.  The risk management explains how do item by item in a systematic and comprehensive way, the standarts of Risk Management has an aim  to create value and  to save.

e risks on work processes constitutes the risk management model.  The determining  and analysisof risks must be revised and the actions to be determined must be absolutely a part of  decision making mechanism  of  the top management. The Risk management requires it to be done systematically and planned. The model of risk management of the corporations must be prepared in an explicit, comprehensible and comprehensive way. This means that the potential risk which is able to the improvement of  the standarts and targets are directed in a way to decrease the effect of possible harms and related to the datas without them turn into the danger.

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